Does coding is enough to become a good backend engineer?

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  1. CI/CD -> Now days whenever I take interviews I always prefer people who knows how to create a build and release pipelines and TBH it is essential because if you know coding you should be able to automate the building process and deployment process. (20%)
  2. Databases -> I think you already knowing some of the databases mostly relational databases which is great but always try to learn one NoSQL database like MongoDb. I am not saying become an master just see how you connect to the database from you project and what are the popular framework you can use. (10%)
  3. Docker and Kubernetes -> Docker or containerization is not a new thing in the market but for now only DevOps are the one who knows about these things, so as a backend engineer you should know how these things works, how you can deploy your workload in a container, I am not saying learn everything but you should know basic stuff, basic commands. (10%)
  4. Cloud computing -> Cloud computing is now becoming a major hiring criteria in tech world, in each opening you will be seeing AWS, Azure or GCP, in old days we use to deploy everything on servers which was managed by us, but now bug tech companies are providing there server to us and we can just use the services, this is not it there are more concept like server less, queues etc. I would recommend to learn one of the main cloud provider and become master in it. (20%)
  5. Terraform -> This is good to have thing, if you know terraform then you can crack any of the startup jobs, startup prefer people who has all the stack knowledge, BTW Terraform is IAAC (you can write code to create you infra on cloud), its good to have but not mandatory (5%)
  6. Design and Architecture -> Last but not least design and architecture, if you want to become an software architecture or principal engineer this is a mandatory things to adopt, just see how you can design a system from scratch, take feedback from you peers and keep on improving. (5%)





Dot Net | DevOps | open source | Azure | AWS | GCP | Kubernetes | Docker

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Manish Tiwari

Manish Tiwari

Dot Net | DevOps | open source | Azure | AWS | GCP | Kubernetes | Docker

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